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The comprehensive mathematics program at Bay Point Elementary Magnet combines the essential elements of computation, concepts, and application. more...

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Every class visits the Science Lab once a week to work with our full-time science resource teacher. The program is aimed at giving students modern tools and techniques as they apply to the real world. more...

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Technology is exciting at Bay Point Elementary Magnet. We strive on a daily basis to provide innovative ways to incorporate technology into our curriculum and best teaching practices. more...

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Our nationally recognized Spanish language team has developed special home activities for all students. We offer immersive Spanish instruction for all grades, and every class visits Café Olé, the Spanish Lab, on a regular basis for enrichment activities. more...

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FCAT and Special Observance Days

The Florida Department of Education set an earlier start date for the 2014 testing cycle to make it possible for districts to schedule this year's increased number of computer-based assessments. The state's prescribed start date for FCAT testing is Monday, April 14; the testing window ends Wednesday, May 7.

In order to accommodate the number of students who must be tested within that window, it was necessary for the Pinellas County School District to schedule testing on most days within that window, including Tuesday, April 15; Wednesday, April 16; and Tuesday, April 22, all special observance days.

Students who choose not to attend school on those days of excused absence will be able to take the assessments on a make-up date prior to the close of the testing window. The district respects the right of all students to observe the religion of their choice and makes every effort to support their religious observances.

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